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The Success of Starbucks - 808 Words

The success of Starbucks Starbucks was born in 1971 as a small coffee shop. With the management of Howard Schultz, Starbucks turned into a business legend and built a kingdom of coffee. It was dominate specialty-coffee brand in North America. By mid-2002, the company was serving 20 million unique consumers in more than 5000 stores all over the world. It developed at a very high speed. The gross profit of the company increased from 730.2 million to 1938.9 million in about 5 years (1998-2002). Its retail business expansion was also amazing. In 1998 there were 1755 Starbucks’ stores in North America while the numbers increased to 4574 in 2002. It was also true of its international expansion. There were only 131 stores in 1998. But in 2002†¦show more content†¦The respondents showed that more people strongly agreed the Starbucks care more about making more money and building more stores. The percentage of the increasing number was about 7%. There was also a change on Starbucks’ customer base. Compared with the established customers, the new customers tended to be younger, less-educated, and lower income. What’s more, these customers visited the stores less frequently with average 15 cups of coffee per week. The established customers consumed 19 cups of coffee per week on average. The new customers had very different perceptions of the Starbucks brand. Their overall opinion of Starbucks was 25% while the established customers’ was 44%. This definitely showed the lower customer loyalty. On the term of â€Å"worth paying more for†, there were only 8 percentage of new customers though it was worth. It also meant that it was hard to retain these new customers. When someone cared more about the price and thought there was no significant difference between Starbucks and other coffee brand, he or she would not come again. From exhibit 9 we could see the direct link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Starbucks focused too much on its business expansion and lose sight on the customer satisfaction which had bad influence on its future development. The company should come up with a new plan to salve these problem and meet customer s’Show MoreRelatedStarbucks : The Success Of Starbucks1080 Words   |  5 Pages What factors accounted for the extraordinary success of Starbucks in the early 1990s? What was so compelling about the Starbucks value proposition? What brand image did Starbucks develop during this period? The factors for the extraordinary success of Starbucks is all due to the vision of Howard Schultz. Schultz wanted to change the coffee drinking experience by establishing benefits to create value in the coffee drinking experience. One of his vision was to recreate the coffee culture in ItalyRead MoreStarbucks : Starbucks s Success1409 Words   |  6 Pages Starbucks in Turkey MBA 642 Dr. Pradeep Gopalakrishna June 24, 2015 Jeffrey Allen â€Æ' 1. Has Starbucks has done well in Turkey? What are some of the common growth drivers in terms of consumer characteristics, market characteristics, and entry strategies across USA and Turkey that might account for Starbucks’ success? Starbucks has had some success in Turkey. There are several reasons for its success in both the United States and Turkey related to common growth drivers such as consumer characteristicsRead MoreStarbucks : Innovation For Success1604 Words   |  7 PagesStarbucks FruVe Innovation to Success Coffee is a traditional approach to beginning a day. There is a variety of coffee flavors that can be accompanied by condiments. Starbucks, a United States, based company recognized the complexity of coffee preferences. More recently, Starbucks has expanded their products to include more than breakfast pastry and coffee. For the more sophisticated, adventurous or urbane coffee connoisseur, there are flavorful drinks that can satisfy the diverse tastes ofRead MoreThe Amazing Success Of Starbucks1148 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction This research paper will provide Key Aspects into how Starbucks balances both the positive and negative positions in concern to ethical and cultural guidelines. Country and Company examples will be provided. Like the pros and cons of many traditional companies and markets becoming obsolete, constant economic flux, Structure, strategy, technological, cultural US companies are even branching out global. Expanding globally allows U.S. companies to expanding their business into differentRead MoreThe Great Success of Starbucks550 Words   |  2 Pagesâ€Å"Starbucks is known as one of the foremost retailers, roasters, and brands of speciality coffee in the world after working hard in getting succeed.† They are obligated to offering customers the premier quality coffee and the highest coffee familiarity, while functioning in techniques that generate social, environmental, and economic advantages for the society in which they do their business. (Super brands, 2012) Similarly, â₠¬Å"they are functioning and authorization beyond than 8,500 coffee shops inRead MoreWhat Starbucks The Starbucks Success Story?894 Words   |  4 PagesEsmeralda de los Santos Starbucks 1. 1 What explains the Starbucks success story? 2 The success of Starbucks because Howard Schultz’s opinion of the Starbucks brand. Schultz wants to develop the company s value and inspired of a company which would make the customer the center of its success and would change the coffee drinking experience in the U.S. Starbuck has some factors to make it successful, the first one is the atmosphere, Schultz wants to recreating the Italian coffee culture, the originalRead MoreStarbucks success story2578 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿Starbucks Starbucks could be called one of the largest success stories in American history. The company started from humble beginnings and worked its way to the top. Starting from a small building in Pike Place market in Seattle Washington, there are now more than 20,000 locations worldwide. The company’s mission and goals have allowed it to succeed in a fast pace world, and Starbuck’s loyal customers have stuck by their favorite brand through it all. The Starbucks experience is unique from allRead MoreStarbucks s Success Of The Starbucks Coffee Company896 Words   |  4 PagesIt seemed to me that Starbucks had become a craze overnight. All of a sudden, everywhere I turned someone was carrying a cup embellished with the famed green siren. The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971 as a small store that served mostly coffee and tea. In the year 2000, the company had grown to more than 3,000 cafà ©s. By 2014, the company had more than 20,000 stores open within 67 c ountries worldwide. In the United States, not only can you buy Starbucks products from local storeRead MoreThe Secret of Starbucks’ Success in China1180 Words   |  5 PagesArticle Review and Analysis ----The Secret of Starbucks’ Success in China The current event article I found tells about the successful marketing strategies that the Starbucks Corporation takes to enter into the market of China, and simultaneously the problems and difficulties it has in the process of market expanding. The Starbucks Corporation is the global leader in specialty coffee consumption. Arising almost overnight from a market in Seattle, Washington, the company today provides quality premiumRead MoreStarbucks: A growing Success1660 Words   |  7 PagesStarbucks is part of a global empire that is continuously growing and which offers a new institution of business thinking. Their way of thinking positioned them on a unique level by the way of which they conduct their business. They incorporated fresh new thinking into strategic, tactical, and operational planning. The company developed a structure that encompassed both horizontal and vertical growth, with control mechanisms set in place. Even with setting such a high standard of business, there

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Segregation During The American Civil War - 861 Words

Segregation in the American Southern States In 1865, after the American Civil War, slavery was abolished, and the Southern States were required to grant the African American population their freedom. This would come as an end to an era in which the Southern Whites had relied on forced labor of the African American on their cotton plantations. The ideology at the time was that the white race was superior to that of the slaves. Therefore, the requirement for the Southern Whites to grant them their freedom conflicted with their notion of superiority. The white population dominated the Southern States and the thought of granting the African American population threatened their administrative system. Blackness, at the time, was associated with degradation and that made the southern whites find it impossible to grant them equal rights. In addition, a majority of the Southern Whites believed that the African Americans loved their position as second-class citizens (Sokol, 2008). The reason for this belief was that there had been very few cases of defiance among the slaves. This made the thought of granting the second-class citizens equal rights irrational based on the existing beliefs. Despite the abolition of slavery, the southern economy still relied on the African Americans for odd jobs such as nannies and gardeners among many others. This was not much different from the time of slavery despite the little pay associated with the odd jobs. By granting the equal rights, this wouldShow MoreRelatedThe Civil Rights Movement During The 1 960 S1224 Words   |  5 Pagesnegative effects on the people of the US.   During the 1960’s there were a lot of changes and one of these major changes was know as The Civil Rights Movement.   The civil rights movement was a movement created by African Americans to achieve rights equal to white people and have equal opportunity in housing, employment, education, the right to vote, and to not be segregated.   This movement had many important leaders that helped get rights for African Americans.   The book â€Å"Tambourines To Glory† is basedRead MoreThe Black Civil Rights Movement Essay1088 Words   |  5 PagesThe Black Civil Rights Movement The Black civil rights movement emerged as a mass movement in the 1950s but its long term origins go back much to the abolition of slavery and the failure of States to implement the 14th and 15th amendments which guaranteed ex-slave rights as defined in the constitution. Just after the end of slavery the reconstruction era began, it allowed blacks many opportunities thatRead MoreThe Glory Field By Walter Dean Myers1265 Words   |  6 Pages11/09/15 Slavery to Segregation; Civil War to Civil Rights The Glory Field is a novel by Walter Dean Myers that follows the Lewis family through racism and segregation. It starts with Muhammad Bilal being captured from Africa in 1753. It follows through to see young Lizzy escape from slavery on the live Oaks plantation in South Carolina in 1864. After the Civil War, the family is given is plot of land they refer to as the â€Å"Glory Field†, which represents hope for the family during their hardships. Lizzie’sRead MoreCivil Rights Movement At Mid Century Essay1196 Words   |  5 PagesPritchett. Wendell E. Manning. Robert D. 2005. â€Å"A National Issue: Segregation in the District of Columbia and Civil Rights Movement at Mid-Century† This article explores the history of Washington D.C. during the post-World War II period and the impact that civil rights played in equalizing rights and opportunities for all races in the district. In several ways, the war improved Washington from a city that was rural and urban to one of the most important cities in America. It was a cityRead MoreEssay about Analyzing the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War727 Words   |  3 PagesAnalyzing the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War In order to validate the statement, â€Å"The years from 1952 to 1975 in U.S. history were marked by tremendous political and social turmoil that led to major changes in American society,† one would have to evaluate the role played by the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War in bringing about and contributing to those changes. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate whether or not the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement indeed contributedRead MoreAfrican Americans And The Civil War859 Words   |  4 Pagesslavery, predominately in the American South, African-Americans were finally set free from bondage. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments quickly followed, granting citizenship to â€Å"all persons born or naturalized in the United States† and granting African American men the right to vote, respectively. Naturally, Americans denoted these momentous legislative feats, collectively packaged as the Reconstruction Amendments, as a means of celebration for African-Americans. However, in order to rectifyRead MoreThe Civil Disobedience Of African Americans1369 Words   |  6 PagesThe history of African-Americans has come a long way through the years. They were first imported as slaves as property to do hard labor for their owners. With no freedom, they were forced to obey orders until a revolution appeared. It took a civil war to finally free blacks and to give them the right to be citizens of the country. It was then that the chains of slavery were finally broken, but the chain of discrimination still existed. Under racial segregation, colored people were not allowed toRead MoreAnalysis of the Civil Rights March of 1963988 Words   |  4 PagesDocument Analysis, of the Civil Rights March of 1963 Commencing in the late 19th century, state level governments approved segregation acts, identified as the Jim Crow laws, and assigned limitations on voting requirements that caused the African American population economically and diplomatically helpless (Davis, n.d.). The civil rights movement commenced, intensely and assertively, in the early 1940s when the societal composition of black America took an increasingly urban, popular appeal (KorstadRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement and World War II1075 Words   |  4 Pagesthe World War II was to fight for human’s freedoms to liberate humanity in Europe and Asia, and to spread the American democracy to the entire world. â€Å"A revolution which goes on steadily, quietly adjusting itself to changing conditions without the concentration camp or the quick –lime in the ditch† (Franklin D. Roosevelt 1941). However the war enhanced the commitment of many white Americans to maintain the existing racial order in the Unite d States. The war also gave birth to the civil right movementRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement During World War II955 Words   |  4 PagesDuring World War II, America as a nation faced many challenges both at home and abroad. Some of these challenges at home included Strikes and protests in war production factories, which was due to increasing differences between the government and employers, with the workers/labor unions. Another was the Civil rights movement for African-Americans, which advocated for equal rights for all Americans, when African Americans joined the war efforts by both joining the military and working in the war factories

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Anti Tobacco Advertisements And Effects On Quitting...

In the article â€Å"Recall of Anti-Tobacco Advertisements and Effects on Quitting Behavior: Results from the California Smokers Cohort† the authors try to research if anti-tobacco television advertisements with personal message can be recall by the person and have a greater impact on smoking cessation. The authors felt that this was an important topic to study because they were concern about the dangers of smoking tobacco. According to Leas et al. (2015) â€Å"Nondaily smoking and second-hand smoke exposure can lead to the same negative health consequences that result from daily smoking†(p.90). As a result, the authors engage in a cohort study where they use anti-tobacco advertisements to see which advertisement has a greater recall on smokers, and haves greater effect on smoking cessation. The authors engage in a Cohort study, because this study is being observed for a long period of time and data is being collected from a group of people who are current smokers. The researchers are testing what happens to the person that has been expose to a particular anti-tobacco ad. There are 4 ads; Stages, Don’t stop fighting, Trapped, and The Emerging Men. The specific kinds of data the authors use to answer their research questions was the follow ups and the interviews. These data was collected through advertisement recall, quitting behavior, and covariates. The advertisement recall, help the authors know which advertisement in the past 60 days they remember and the participants answer byShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior This page intentionally left blank Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services:

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Food Industry Policies and Commitments †Free Samples to Samples

Question: Discuss about the Food Industry Policies and Commitments. Answer: Introduction: The Australian retail market continues maintaining its momentum which is mostly driven by the social and economic developments of the country. The retailers contribute more than merely selling the goods. This service industry has different roles in introducing new and innovative products to the consumers along with helping them assessing and comparing the products and prices with the other goods (Arli et al., 2013). In addition to that the retail market also enables the customers to find out a wide range of different ancillary service. There are around 140000 retail companies within the Australian retail market where around 1.2 million people or around 10.7 percent of the entire employment are employed within the industry (Pulker, Scott Pollard, 2017). Therefore the retail industry is considered to be one of the largest employers in the country. It should also be noted that the retail industry makes a large and major contribution to the economy of Australia as has generated around 4 percent of the GDP in the past economic year. Where the share of GDP has shown to have declined in the other industries, the retail industry has shown a continuous growth in Australia (Connell McManus, 2016). Since the retail industry covers several sectors, therefore it indicates few distinct characteristics. The following figure indicates the combination of the retail sector such as electronics and electrical goods, furniture, clothing and many others. This industry is diverse by region, by sector, by exposure and competition and by the size of the business. The work force of the retail industry is mostly of the low skilled workers and there is a high share of the female workers. Mostly the workers are employed on a part-time basis with casual arrangements of work (Sacks et al., 2015). Therefore there is a higher employee turnover rate in the industry. As far as the macroeconomic factors of the retail sector is concerned, the political atmosphere of Australia has had a great impact of the on the growth of the business. The political stability of the country has a contributed to the growth of the industry, however there have been few political disturbances as well which had influenced the businesses to move out of the market and increased the risk of the failure of the businesses. As the retail industry has a great economic contribution on the GDP of the country. Sacks et al. (2015) has indicated that the retail sector has faced an economical decline due to their low sales and low price of the goods. Other than these factors, the retail sectors has identified that the consumers experiences has had a huge impact on the business of the retail sector. The businesses also require including affordable goods according to the customers. Therefore, the organizations have to offer products and services to the consumer in lower prices in orde r to increase the sales. Also, the store locations make a great influence on the customer experiences. The customers are more health conscious nowadays; therefore the organizations have to merchandize their products in that approach (Lovelock Patterson, 2015). In addition to that, the taxation policies and the employment managements are a primary part of the legal framework of the country. However the organizations have to maintain the quality of the products as well. Description of nature of competition in retail industry. The primary concept of the business of supermarket is offering various products for the consumers for their daily usage. However, the most significant characteristics of the retail sector are also providing the best quality products within best price. Therefore most of the supermarkets try to provide the better products within lowest prices. Within the retail market of Australia, Woolworths is a brand that has been leading the market for a long time. It has been one of the leading brands in the market. The organization has already achieved a major level of growth and development across the entire retail market in Australia (Lewis Huber, 2015). There are several factors that have great contribution in the constant development of Woolworths, such as the major strategies that the organization has adopted. The supermarkets in the retail industry have been quite competitive in the Australian market as there are several continuous challenges in the market (Charlton et al., 2015). As the r etail market provides higher engagement of the customers, Woolworths has achieved its position in the market with the help of strategic management tools as there are higher rate of new entrants in the retail market. Other than the new entrants, there are other competitors of Woolworths in the market such as Aldi and Coles group. From a long time, Woolworths has been identified as the strongest leader in the market, however Coles group has been the biggest challenge of the market. In addition to that, Aldi has also become a challenge to the brand as it offers lowest price to the consumers as a German food chain. Coles group has occupied around eighty per cent of the market, where Woolworths has been the greatest competitor of the brand. Coles has also offered lower prices for its products and services in order to reach the leadership. Coles has around 700 outlets all across the country, where Woolworths has over 870 stores all around Australia (Charlton et al., 2015). Both the brands have shared around 80 per cent of the market; however Aldi has been a big challenge for both the brands. Woolworths has also created own brands of the organization such as Select and Home Brand. Aldi has been a great challenge for Woolworths as the brand has a great market presence with around 374 stores all around the country. The origin of the supermarket is in Germany; however the brand still has a great presence in the international market such as in Australia, UK, Denmark and France. Both the companies, Coles and Woolworths have applied different strategies for attracting the consumers towards them. Woolworths has implemented different reward cards, flyer points and several other loyalty programs which has a great impact of their consumer loyalty. However, Coles has occupied the leading position in terms of online shopping of the clients. However, later Woolworths has also followed the similar strategy as Coles and scrapped the extra charges for the online shopping purpose. According to Chan (2015), the price difference of three of these brands are not much, as the difference vary from $114 in Coles, where Woolworths charge $113 and Aldi charge $87. Both the Coles and Woolworths have imple mented same strategies and concentrated of the freshness and variety of the vegetables and fruits where Aldi has a different strategy of offering less cost for the products. Brand Characteristics Woolworths Has own internal brands Leading position in the market Strong customer loyalty program Brand value is around $11 billion Aldi Provides low cost International presence Brand value is around $12 billion Coles Leading brand in the Australian market Offers low and flexible price Brand value is approximately $8.3 billion Outline of major market segment Woolworths has already succeeded in understanding and meeting the expectation and requirements of the customers but this does not imply for all the customers. This is noted as the segmentation, which is also identifying the targeted customers and meeting their needs. The first time Woolworths focused on the targeting and segmenting part was on the year of 1980s in order to continue retailing as well as trying the implementation of the process of mass marketing. To be precise, the segmentation has three elements that provides the complete meaning to the process. However, this part will discuss only about the segmentation that varies from market to market (Rundle-Thiele, Dietrich Kubacki, 2017). Proper segmentation of market opens the door to many market opportunities and introduces the tactics that will help in exploring of those opportunities while having the idea of the customers needs. In case of Woolworths, they try to segment their market by the business type as well their custo mer type. In the present world, businesses adapt the process of digitalization; Woolworths need to focus on the online market facility to attract more customers. The market segmenting process of Woolworths is only to provide the customers the products which will be of daily use and that are why the customers of Woolworths do not compare the products with others (Armstrong et al., 2014). Every market segment has different customers with mostly the same choice and Woolworths try to focus on their specific market segment to have the update of the customers. Considering the last, few researches on business industry of Australia it can be said that Woolworths mark itself to be the leading market within the country. Woolsworth just needs to focus on strengthening their position in this competitive marketing system and they can try to expand their market and experience the low labour cost in many Asian countries. It is already discussed that Woolworths have a very loyal to their customers and that is why in spite of the growing competition still their customers are satisfied to use their products and they are not seen comparing it to others as well. It can be hence said that the market that their primary target for market segmenting is having and satisfying the customers. In order to compete in a better way they need to focus on their online marketing segment so that they are able to attract more customers and understand their needs. Their another target must be expanding their market overseas to increase the customer response as well as have the opportunity to trade in countries like China, which has low labour cost (Irvine Moerman, 2017). However, after leading the market for almost 80 years they have a strong marketing segment still with this changing demography of business they need to change theirs as well and this will work as an effective solution against the lessening of their debts (Lees Winchester, 2013). The positive impact that Woolworths have due to the need of daily product use across the world they must try to focus on manufacturing more products for daily use and satisfying the customers at the same time. Level of involvement with the primary market segment As Woolworths sells a large range of products such as clothing, food, home wares and other digital products and services, the primary target market segment is the middle income group of the Australian market. There are around 870 stores across the market and the brand has been known for the quality products. The suppliers of Woolworths has their own firms, therefore the organization is capable of providing fresh vegetables and fruits to the customers. The primary target market segment contributes to the decision making of the organization to a great extent (Mialon et al., 2016). As the middle income group customers are also concerned about the quality of the products along with the lower price, therefore the mission and vision statement of the brand has been greatly influenced by this market segment. The vision statement of the organization is providing the high quality services and market for the customers through its favorable price strategies, fresh foods and other strategies rela ted to human resources. Also the organization contributes adequately in providing a nice shopping experience for the consumers as well. In addition to that, the primary market segment has also contributed in fixing the short term and long term goals for the organization. Mostly the organization decides on its goals on the basis of its products. For a long time, Woolworths has continued in providing higher quality and delicious food products within the best possible prices to the consumers (Armstrong et al., 2014). As Woolworths still have plans for opening more stores in the Australian market as they want to make the shopping experience more comfortable for their customers. Woolworths is also planning for improving their current products and provide tastier and more nutritious products for their customers (Mialon et al., 2016). Other than that, Woolworths is also planning to drive the social development focusing on the environmental requirements. In order to sustain the development along with the environment, the organization is planning to start environmental awareness projects all over the country. The middle class consumers are more interested in buying products that are organic, therefore Woolworths is also planning to launch more products in the market that are organic. Therefore, Woolworths is planning to be more consumer-centric and being a business that is driven by its brand value. Positioning Map of Woolworths Woolworths is one of the most trusted brands in the Australian retail market. The organization decides on its strategy where the primary factor is its branding strategy. All the strategy of the organization is the combination of several researches and analysis of the market. Therefore, the organization has focused on different areas for positioning the brand in the retail market. The price or the value of the products plays a significant factor in positioning Woolworths as a brand in the Australian retail market. According to Dlodlo (2017), not only the higher prices, the lower prices can also devastate the brand image in the market. Therefore in accordance to the quality and the usage of the brand products, the price should be decided. Mostly, the researchers have shown that the general consumers do not believe if a brand is providing products in lower prices as well as they consider those products to be of lower quality. Therefore Woolworths have considered this psychology and it has developed its pricing strategy as not too high or low. The organization has considered the benefits of the consumers before fixing its strategic movement. Therefore the positioning of the brand depends highly on providing the benefits for the consumers that also considers creating the consciousness of the products and work amongst the customers (Mortimer, 2016). The organization also utilized this strategy for popularizing their brand in the market. This is also helpful of the customers as they can select the products according to the requirements. As the Australian retail market is full of several competitors, the brand positioning strategy is related to the competitor. Therefore the brand is trying to grow more in the market. Therefore Woolworths is also considering the strategies considering the competitors such as Aldi, Myer and Coles, therefore positioning of the brand is entirely related to the positive brand image in the market (Sacks et al., 2015). The organization also focuses on providing digital and printing advertisements in order to create the brand image in the market. Those can help in building the image regarding the products in the market. Therefore Woolworths utilizes several strategies and sources to promote their brands in the market (Pulker, Scott Pollard, 2017). There are a lot of media advertisements, magazines and newspapers for the brand positioning. Reference list Arli, V., Dylke, S., Burgess, R., Campus, R., Soldo, E. (2013). Woolworths Australia and Walmart US: Best practices in supply chain collaboration.Journal of Economics, Business Accountancy Ventura,16(1). Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., Kotler, P. (2014).Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia. Calvo-Porral, C., Medn, A. F., Losada-Lpez, C. (2017). Can Marketing Help in Tackling Food Waste?: Proposals in Developed Countries.Journal of Food Products Marketing,23(1), 42-60. Chan, A. M. S. (2015). Marketing to Chinese-Australians. InProceedings of the 1996 Multicultural Marketing Conference(pp. 119-123). Springer, Cham. Charlton, E. L., Khknen, L. A., Sacks, G., Cameron, A. J. (2015). Supermarkets and unhealthy food marketing: An international comparison of the content of supermarket catalogues/circulars.Preventive medicine,81, 168-173. Connell, J., McManus, P. (2016).Rural revival?: place marketing, tree change and regional migration in Australia. Routledge. Dlodlo, N. (2017).Determining the values that influence consumers behavioural intentions towards fashion E-stores(Doctoral dissertation, North-West University (South Africa), Vaal Triangle Campus). Greenland, S. J., Greenland, S. J., Johnson, L., Johnson, L., Seifi, S., Seifi, S. (2016). Tobacco manufacturer brand strategy following plain packaging in Australia: implications for social responsibility and policy.Social Responsibility Journal,12(2), 321-334. Irvine, H., Moerman, L. (2017). Gambling with the public sphere: Accountings contribution to debate on social issues.Critical Perspectives on Accounting. Lees, G., Winchester, M. (2013). Do competing supermarkets generally have the same sort of shoppers?.ANZMAC 2013. Lewis, T., Huber, A. (2015). A revolution in an eggcup? Supermarket wars, celebrity chefs and ethical consumption.Food, Culture Society,18(2), 289-307. Lovelock, C., Patterson, P. (2015).Services marketing. Pearson Australia. Mialon, M., Swinburn, B., Allender, S., Sacks, G. (2016). Systematic examination of publicly-available information reveals the diverse and extensive corporate political activity of the food industry in Australia.BMC public health,16(1), 283. Mortimer, G. (2016). Big retailers are realising the risk of moving into convenience stores.The Conversation, (2). Pulker, C. E., Scott, J. A., Pollard, C. M. (2017). Ultra-processed family foods in Australia: nutrition claims, health claims and marketing techniques.Public Health Nutrition, 1-11. Rundle-Thiele, S., Dietrich, T., Kubacki, K. (2017). Why We Need Segmentation When Designing Social Marketing Programs. InSegmentation in Social Marketing(pp. 197-214). Springer Singapore. Sacks, G., Mialon, M., Vandevijvere, S., Trevena, H., Snowdon, W., Crino, M., Swinburn, B. (2015). Comparison of food industry policies and commitments on marketing to children and product (re) formulation in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.Critical Public Health,25(3), 299-319.

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The North American City on the Ground

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to the West.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The North American City on the Ground specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More North America precedes Africa and Asia in largeness and accommodates twenty three states with diverse population and cultures. North America comprises such great cities as New York, Ottawa, Washington, New Orleans, Detroit, etcetera. These cities have different features that shape environmental and economical growth (Berry Henderson, 2002, p.8). Furthermore, North America is a heaven of archeology, culture, parks, science museums, world’s fairs and golf courses. These properties have been elevated for many years by tranquil environment, clean water systems together with plants and anim als found in the continent. Concisely, nature has encouraged the development of human population and infrastructure. Network linkages have been transformed to create a connection among all the states. These include both land and air connections that ensure efficiency and effectiveness in sharing goods and services among all the citizens and nations. Roads have enabled quick provision of resources to all the people irrespective of their cultural and social status (McIlwraith Muller, 2001, p.19).Advertising Looking for essay on geography? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More New York is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River, which provide harbors for importation and exportation of goods and services. The harbors are also used for recreational activities that attract tourists to New York City. In this regard, New York City is characterized by a dense population rendering land to a scarce commodity; this is a challe nge for urban planning and protection of public land from grapping. Despite the dense population, New York City occupies the cleanest and the most tranquil environment in Northern America. The tranquil environment is accountable for energy efficiency reducing dependence on other cities. The economy of New York is highly dependent on the New York harbor, which has deep waters, so the goods and services from other cities enter the city by water. Moreover, the city has different districts, and water transport enables easy accessibility to neighboring provinces, specifically, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queen’s provinces. Reclamation of land was done in lower Manhattan where modern constructions occupy, for example, Battery Park. Good subtropical climatic conditions have, however, been a contributing factor to the attraction of tourists to New York, thus contributing to the growth of the city’s economy and cultures.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The North American City on the Ground specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Furthermore, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and before 2001, there was a misunderstanding about its borders with Ottawa-Carleton, Pontiac in the North and Rockland in the West. Ottawa has adequate water supply due to the Ottawa River that has many tributaries that supply every village in the east and west, the Rideau River supplies water from the North to the South. However, lakes provide water for industrial use and power generation, for instance, in Brewer Park, there are lake Madawaska and Lac Deschenes, the Rideau River and hog’s back falls. Bays are attractions for tourist who bring revenues to the city. Conversely, Ottawa has natural wonders that enhance the attractiveness of the city, for example, Colonel Valley, Carp Ridge, Pine Grove forest, Cannan Hill and Stony Swamp. Washington is the capital city of America that is located between Virginia a nd Maryland States. Its topography includes such water bodies as the Potomac River, Rock Creek and the Anacostia River. Man-made features are found in Dalecarlia, Georgetown and McMillan reservoirs that provide water for domestic and industrial use. Washington also has various distinctive topographic features, for instance, Hains Point, Three Sisters, Theodore Roosevelt and Columbia Island. Native trees, such as oak, birch, willow and cedar, make up the environment of the region. The subtropical climate with four seasons makes Washington a tourist destination where cool weather may prevail (Brescia, Super 2009, p. 11).Advertising Looking for essay on geography? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More New Orleans is one of the largest and highly populated cities in North America. It was adversely affected by the Hurricane Katrina and floods in 2005. Water bodies located in Orleans include the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrains. Similarly, the architecture of New Orleans was influenced by French trends, thus depicting different cultural practices of the French people. Education is given a forefront in New Orleans and this is exemplified by universities like Loyola and Tulane Wilson. Detroit is located in the sores of the Detroit River and is well known for such water bodies as Lake Erie, Lake St Claire and the St. Clair River. Detroit is a flat land making it conducive for construction of modern buildings and infrastructures. Nonetheless, Detroit is an industrial zone, and this has negatively affected the environment. However, the industries also provide employment to people raising their living standards together with the per capita income in the state (Nostrand Estaville, 2001 , p.4). North America has a desirable geography that allows for the construction of infrastructure and tourists’ attractions and contributes to the exchange of cultural values. I mutually agree that the cities analyzed contribute to economic development of North America. All in all, features like rivers, lakes, ridges, falls, bays and plain lands enable a quick access of goods and services within the states and cities. References Berry, K. Henderson, M. (2002). Geographical Identities of Ethnic America: Race, Space, and Place. Reno: University of Nevada press. Web. Brescia, M. , Super, J. (2009). North America: An Introduction. Toronto: University of Torornto Press. Web. McIlwraith, T. F., Muller, E. (2001). North America: The Historical Geography of a Changing Continent (2nd ed.). New York: Rowman Littlefield Publishers. Web. Nostrand, R., Estaville, L. (2001). Homelands: A Geography of Culture and Place Across America. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkkins University Press . Web. This essay on The North American City on the Ground was written and submitted by user Bryant T. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Radiology essays

Radiology essays Radiation as Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer Radiation plays a major role in the detection and treatment of breast cancer through mammograms and radiation therapy. Cancer, or tumors, are malignant growths which do not function like a normal cell. Instead, they grow uncontrollably unchecked by normal cell checkpoints. Without growing limits, the cancerous cells eventually kill normal cells by depriving them of nutrition. Malignant tumors also are unspecialized and do not function like the normal cells from the organ which they come from. The main problems with cancer cells are that they invade surrounding tissues and can spread by the lymph system or blood to other tissues and organs throughout the body. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women - behind lung cancer ( White non-Hispanic women have the highest rate of breast cancer, over twice the rate for Hispanic women. The lowest rates occur among Korean, American Indian, and Vietnamese women ( Breast cancer has been on the rise, but now due to more effective treatment mortality rates are slowly beginning to decrease. Much of the increase in incidence over the past 15 years is associated with increased screening by physical examination and mammography. More people are realizing they have cancer than in previous years. Breast cancer occurs among both women and men, but is quite rare among men. The first type of radiation is used in the detection of breast cancer. A screening mammogram is an x-ray of the breast used to detect breast changes in women who have no signs of breast cancer. It usually involves two x-rays of each breast. Using a mammogram, it is possible to detect a tumor that cannot be felt. The second type of radiation used is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is localized therapy that is design...

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Business Plan for the coffee shop Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Plan for the coffee shop - Coursework Example Direct competitors include Starbucks, Pref A Manger, Costa, and other coffee shops in the London region. Indirect competitors include bars and restaurants who sell milkshakes and coffee. Saturation in London has prompted key coffee chains to expand regionally. Despite retaining their outlet growth, this has resulted to downward pressure on sales and increased competition. The year 2004 witnessed key coffee shop brands picking off major high traffic sites thus leveraging their powerful brands to compete with other independents and formats. Caffe Nero, Costa, and Starbucks remain to be the dominant players in the United Kingdom coffee shop markets. In 2004, the main competitor was Starbucks and it has more than 400 outlets.2 However, in 2010, Costa Coffee became the market leader and it is the current UK’s preferred coffee shop.3 The coffee shop has competitive advantage over the competitor’s coffee shops. This is because of its good customer service, good location, and g ood product quality and various choices in terms of the interior. Industry Analysis After oil, coffee is the second most traded product in the world. The milkshake and coffee market is highly competitive. The coffee and milkshake market is dominated by international brands such as Starbucks and Costa. Project Cafe10 UK research has revealed that the UK coffee shop market sales have grown by 12 percent in 2010 and branded coffee shop segments such as Pret, Caffe Nero, Costa, and Starbucks recording 1.94 billion Sterling pounds in revenue. Venue choice among the consumers has increased and these venues include non-specialist operators, independents, and branded chains; in 2010, the venues comprised over 14,022 outlets. The market,... The report intends to examine short term and long term aims and objectives such as to make the coffee shop known in the area and gain competitive advantage; to increase customer awareness by 30 percent within a period of three months; to achieve sales worth  £85,000 within a period of one year; to open over 10 shops around the united kingdom within five years; to gain at least 3 percent share of the market within a period of seven years. In order to analyze the business environments, various business analysis tools such as SWOT, competitor analysis, industry analysis etc will be included in the paper. The focus of the coffee shop is on quality and price of the product. The main forms of advertising to be used include online advertising and brand advertising. Online advertising makes use of the internet to advertise the product. Mass media has not proved to be an effective method of advertising. Online advertising is used by most corporations because of its efficiency and cost effec tiveness. On the other hand, brand advertising entails gaining the confidence of the market about a particular product. Its aim is to manipulate demand for a particular product. Unique selling proposition will also be used to advertise the product. Unique selling proposition makes use of a unique ‘slogan’ for a particular product in order to differentiate it from the competitor’s product. The unique selling proposition for the coffee shop is â€Å"Quality and Service to Suit Your Tastes.†